Special Thanks

First and foremost: the new Office.js paradigm would have been impossible without the vision and incredible technical skills of Shaofeng Zhu, Principal Software Engineering Manager on the Office Extensibility Platform team. Shaofeng paved the way in prototyping the design, in creating a codegen pipeline that automatically generates the JavaScript and much of the internal glue, and then in leading the Excel programmability team to ship our first ExcelApi 1.1 – while simultaneously assisting Word, OneNote, and others to jump onto the new paradigm. Shaofeng is the unsung hero of the Office.js APIs for Office 2016 and beyond – so I’d like to take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due.

I have had a number of people provide feedback in successive edits of the website and book.  These include:

  • Ricky Kirkham, Content Developer on the Office Extensibility Platform team, and an early reader/reviewer/enthusiast for the book, who provided insightful feedback for every chapter, every section, and quite likely every page therein.
  • Jakob Nielsen, Principal Designer on the Excel team – who unknowingly instigated my book-writing effort by casually tossing out “you know, someone should take all these answers that Michael’s putting on StackOverflow, and make a book out of it…” Thanks for the nudge, Jakob!
  • Shahar Prish, Principal Software Engineer on Power BI (and formerly a developer on the Excel team), with a keen eye for tehcnical inaccuracies.
  • Mike Ammerlaan, Director of the Product Marketing Ecosystem for Office Add-ins, who provided some stylistic feedback on the book.
  • Siew Moi Khor, Content Developer on the Office Extensibility Platform team, who has long been involved in Office Programmability, and who also helped line up some of the above reviewers.
  • Alexey Butenko, former colleague who spent several years deep in the bowels of the Excel and Word object-models… and came up with a number of innovative approaches for performance-optimizing VSTO code along the way.

I would also like to thank Seyit Yilmaz, a Designer on Excel team, who created the book’s cover image.

And of course, my deepest gratitude to my dad, pianist Alexander Zlatkovski, who not only introduced me to the fantastic world of programming, and not only filled my waking moments with music, but also worked tirelessly to help build the American Dream:

Many thanks to all of you!