All profits to charity

I believe that there is inherent value in having a paid premium resource (e.g., my book).  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to have blog posts and StackOverflow answers and whatever else.  But a book shows a level of commitment from an author that goes far beyond; it establishes his/her belief in the platform, backed by a serious time investment.  A good book will also save its readers hours and hours of stumbling in the dark.  And so I firmly believe that such resource should be a paid one (albeit at a reasonable price, one that lets a reader show his appreciation for the work, while still being affordable enough that cost isn’t prohibitive).

So, all this being said… that’s why my book is a paid resource.  But the motivation is backed by a philosophical belief in the intrinsic value of paid things, not by greed.  And so, in the spirit of backing this statement by action, and by spreading the goodness that technology brings, I am donating the entirety of my book profits to charity, with a focus on disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and environmental issues.  Moreover, through Microsoft’s generosity, any amount I donate will be matched 100% by Microsoft’s employee-giving matching program, doubling the donations’ impact.

Below, I will maintain a log of my profits to date, as well as an account of which charities I’ve donated to, for full transparency.  If you have any questions, just email me.

Donations to date

Date (reverse-chronological) Organization Donation Amount Receipt #
Oct 15, 2018 SIERRA CLUB $250 2018840-1000222344
Sept 12, 2018 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE INC $500 2018840-000169597
July 15, 2018 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE INC $250 2018840-000120868
May 13, 2018 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE INC $500 2018840-000078852
April 1, 2018 PARTNERS IN HEALTH $250 2018840-000054964
Mar 9, 2018 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE INC $250 2018840-000037974
Dec 25, 2017 PARTNERS IN HEALTH $250 2017840-000320458
Dec 1, 2017 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE INC $500 2017840-000296025
Oct 4, 2017 PARTNERS IN HEALTH $1,000 2017840-000210521
Oct 4, 2017 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE INC $1,000 2017840-000210516

Total donations to date$4,750 (plus another $4,750 matched by Microsoft, for a total of $9,500).


Cumulative Sales history

 Date Total readers to date Paid readers to date Free readers to date* Total royalties from paid purchases
Oct 15, 2018 441 272 169 $4,642.59
Sept 12, 2018 416 257 159 $4,387.51
July 15, 2018 384 238 146 $4,104.39
May 13, 2018 357 218 139 $3,714.66
April 1, 2018 332 203 129 $3,287.85
March 9, 2018 321 195 126 $3,163.22
Dec 25, 2017 281 171 112 $2,790.26
Dec 1, 2017 273 163 110 $2,655.73
Oct 4, 2017 242 138 104 $2,119.45

* Free readers = folks on my team & partner teams within Microsoft, to whom I distributed the book for free. Also a handful of other folks, who had helped review the book in the early stages of my writing process.

Note: For ease of accounting, I generally do my donations in $250 or $500 increments.  So at any given moment, there may be a few-hundred-dollar difference between total royalties and total donations, until it accumulates to the next round number.